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The power to make a change – listening to LGBTQ Young People

Everyone deserves to feel heard, seen, and respected. Unfortunately, LGBTQ young people often feel invisible and unheard of by professionals when it comes to experiencing violence. But that doesn’t mean they are powerless – far from it. 

The Peer Action Collective Cymru (PAC) have created some incredible testimonial videos featuring LGBTQ youth courageously sharing their own experiences and views on the issue of violence. These passionate young people are determined to make a change and challenge the status quo, and their voices deserve to be heard loud and clear. It’s time to shine a light on their stories and help create a safer, more inclusive world for everyone. 

Let’s stand together and amplify these powerful messages of hope and resilience. 

PAC have stripped the visuals from the video to emphasise that young people feel they have the power to make a change but don’t feel they are seen. These are their voices.

PAC Cymru Testimonial Video